Asha, a Star, is an outstanding seventeen-year-old student in the flawless realm of the Valley of Stars. Her life’s purpose is to bring light to Adama, the world below. The promise of her perfect noble future is shattered when one day, she is caught breaking the law.

Asha’s disgraceful crime is unforgivable and requires the ultimate punishment. She is thrown out of the Valley of Stars to crash down on Adama—certain death for any Star.

Against all odds, Asha’s execution doesn’t go as planned. Not only does she miraculously survive the fall but a mysterious Adamian comes to her rescue. Her saviour is a distrusting girl who has no intention of compromising her own mission for the sake of a fallen Star.

Asha’s idea of Adama is challenged as she quickly learns that this world is not as safe as the Stars are taught. With danger hot on their heels, the exiled Star and the guarded Adamian might find that they need each other more than they think.

The Valley of Stars is the first book in the trilogy The Rise of Penumbra. This volume takes Asha on an unexpected adventure across Adama, where wonders and dangers go hand in hand, and friendship and love make anything possible.

This is a Young Adult series with no explicit content.