The Red Island has fallen. For King Adam, this is a great victory. He becomes the youngest conqueror in the history of the Continent, finishing what his family started a hundred years ago. A hero to his people, Adam is yet to gain the approval of his tyrannical father even as he labours to break the last of the magicians. For Prince Edward, this is an immeasurable loss. His home, his family, his people – all destroyed by King Adam.

Teleported to the Continent by the last of his mother’s magic, Edward finds himself stranded amongst enemies. With his appearance glamoured, alone and injured, he seeks revenge for all that was taken from him.

Will the future heal the wounds of the past? Will two enemies unite against a common threat as worlds collide? Will love overcome hate? Sky Song is an enemies-to-lovers story of love and sacrifice, with a HEA because there is no such thing as too much happiness.