A thousand years ago, the God of Order created two countries: Cold and Hot. Separating them is an uncrossable divine border, preventing contact between the close neighbours. The God’s world and laws are simple—follow the rules and don’t question them. Tradition is above all.

Tal is a thief. In the freezing lands of Cold, fresh produce is scarce. Breaking the God’s law and risking his life and freedom, Tal steals this invaluable resource from Hot, the neighbouring country in the south. In the five years of doing this job, Tal has never been caught. But even his luck is bound to run out one day.

Noah is the king of Hot. His country is prosperous and easy to govern. Occasional troubles caused by the northern thieves are of little concern. The king wants for nothing, except for one missing piece—he is yet to find his soulmate. After waiting for so long, Noah is on the verge of giving up hope. In the Land of Lost and Found is a love story that brings those who can open the eyes of their heart to their happily ever after.