With Cold and Hot gone, Tal and Noah find themselves in Ezan’s new world, Eretz Olam. With the physical wall eliminated, will the Balance offer everything Tal and Noah dreamed of?

In Eretz Olam, Tal is a renowned healer. Reunited with his family, he is surrounded by happiness and love. Noah is the king of Eretz Olam. The country being more nuanced than Hot, the king’s job is not without daily challenges. The gods had made it clear, the sacrifice of changing the world was Tal and Noah’s to pay. With their newly found lives, something precious was lost—memories. One of them, however, remembers it all.

The heart-wrenching truth is that the price of remembering proved to be much higher than the price of forgetting. Follow Tal and Noah on their lost and found journey to their happily ever after.

In the Land of Lost and Found is an LGBTQ+ romance novel with mature content.