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A citizen of the universe, Yona Katz is a financial director during the day. But as soon as night falls, numbers and reports are chased away by the stories that live in the stars. One day, Yona decided that she was brave enough to share these stories with you.

I write books with happy endings because I am convinced that there is no such thing as too much happiness in life or fiction.

Books by Yona Katz

The Valley of Stars

Asha, a Star, is an outstanding seventeen-year-old student in the flawless realm of the Valley of Stars. Her life’s purpose is to bring light to Adama, the world below. The promise of her perfect noble future is shattered when one day, she is caught breaking the law.

Asha’s disgraceful crime is unforgivable and requires the ultimate punishment. She is thrown out of the Valley of Stars to crash down on Adama—certain death for any Star.

Against all odds, Asha’s execution doesn’t go as planned. Not only does she miraculously survive the fall but a mysterious Adamian comes to her rescue. Her saviour is a distrusting girl who has no intention of compromising her own mission for the sake of a fallen Star.

Asha’s idea of Adama is challenged as she quickly learns that this world is not as safe as the Stars are taught. With danger hot on their heels, the exiled Star and the guarded Adamian might find that they need each other more than they think.

The Valley of Stars is the first book in the trilogy The Rise of Penumbra. This volume takes Asha on an unexpected adventure across Adama, where wonders and dangers go hand in hand, and friendship and love make anything possible.

This is a Young Adult series with no explicit content.

In the Land of Lost and Found: Findings

With Cold and Hot gone, Tal and Noah find themselves in Ezan’s new world, Eretz Olam. With the physical wall eliminated, will the Balance offer everything Tal and Noah dreamed of?

In Eretz Olam, Tal is a renowned healer. Reunited with his family, he is surrounded by happiness and love. Noah is the king of Eretz Olam. The country being more nuanced than Hot, the king’s job is not without daily challenges. The gods had made it clear, the sacrifice of changing the world was Tal and Noah’s to pay. With their newly found lives, something precious was lost—memories. One of them, however, remembers it all.

The heart-wrenching truth is that the price of remembering proved to be much higher than the price of forgetting. Follow Tal and Noah on their lost and found journey to their happily ever after.

In the Land of Lost and Found is an LGBTQ+ romance novel with mature content.

In the Land of Lost and Found: Losses

A thousand years ago, the God of Order created two countries: Cold and Hot. Separating them is an uncrossable divine border, preventing contact between the close neighbours. The God’s world and laws are simple—follow the rules and don’t question them. Tradition is above all.

Tal is a thief. In the freezing lands of Cold, fresh produce is scarce. Breaking the God’s law and risking his life and freedom, Tal steals this invaluable resource from Hot, the neighbouring country in the south. In the five years of doing this job, Tal has never been caught. But even his luck is bound to run out one day.

Noah is the king of Hot. His country is prosperous and easy to govern. Occasional troubles caused by the northern thieves are of little concern. The king wants for nothing, except for one missing piece—he is yet to find his soulmate. After waiting for so long, Noah is on the verge of giving up hope. In the Land of Lost and Found is a love story that brings those who can open the eyes of their heart to their happily ever after.

Sky Song

The Red Island has fallen. For King Adam, this is a great victory. He becomes the youngest conqueror in the history of the Continent, finishing what his family started a hundred years ago. A hero to his people, Adam is yet to gain the approval of his tyrannical father even as he labours to break the last of the magicians. For Prince Edward, this is an immeasurable loss. His home, his family, his people – all destroyed by King Adam.

Teleported to the Continent by the last of his mother’s magic, Edward finds himself stranded amongst enemies. With his appearance glamoured, alone and injured, he seeks revenge for all that was taken from him.

Will the future heal the wounds of the past? Will two enemies unite against a common threat as worlds collide? Will love overcome hate? Sky Song is an enemies-to-lovers story of love and sacrifice, with a HEA because there is no such thing as too much happiness.

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